Wednesday, April 7, 2010

freeseer FSOC 2010 Proposal: Auto-Systray With Hotkey

Displaying preview output takes quite a bit of resource. The preview output should be considered as an option and instead, use the icon in the system tray to change color (to red) when recording to indicate that it is running. Assuming that everything in freeseer is locked out during the recording, the freeseer main window will then auto-hide in the system tray. The user can stop the recording by either double clicking on the system tray icon, or in an option when right clicked. Auto-hide can also be optional, though I believe it is preferable to be set as default.

The presentation will look even more cleaner and professional if the user can choose which display he wants to start recording in and when to stop. In order to achieve this, freeseer should allow the user to use a configurable global hotkey. The freeseer main window will hide in the system tray when the recording hotkey is triggered and will pop back to desktop again when ending hotkey is triggered.

Disabling preview output should bring synchronization closer to real-time and should help the performance we want with hotkeys. If synchronization is still an issue, a watermark pop-up can be enforced. If implementable, the watermark will be on top of the other windows in the desktop while not be in the recording and will disappear in a few seconds after the record button or hotkey is triggered. The purpose of the watermark is to notify the user when it is okay to start the actual presentation. A watermark will pop up again when ending hotkey is pressed, so to notify the user when it's okay to end the presentation so that the recording doesn't get killed too soon. Again, this feature can be optional in the settings.